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The Founders

The year was 1967 and founders, Gord and Carl Hoselton had a dream. Their dream was to take life experiences, created through generations of intuitive visionaries and turn those into something tangible - Something special, that starts as a piece of scrap metal and is molded and shaped by our designers into something beautiful.

In the beginning, you would often find Gord selecting pieces of white marble in a quarry near Peterborough, ON. This site is just one of many across Canada from where the Gord would collect his raw materials. The pair set out with a simple goal - to shape their heritage, one small meticulously handcrafted piece at a time. Welcome to Hoselton.




The Studio

The Studio is where the art begins to take form. With nearly 6000 separate molds created by our artisans and designers, we are ready to fulfill any order. Have a custom piece? We accept the challenge. Our casting process is one of a kind. Through the use of molding clay and sand, we are able to shape and create models of any scale and size.

If you can imagine it, we can create it as we take your needs very seriously. The casting process, though it is a meticulous one is a step in the creative process where we really fine tune our pieces to get them just right. After all, with 50 years of creating unique molds and sculptures, this is something we want to make sure that we get right, every single time.



Our state of the art facility has stood the test of time and has been where each one of our pieces was first imagined and created, for you! Our team of devoted artisans love nothing more than seeing the production of a new sculpture go through its phases. If you were to visit you would be able to see everything from the mold casting to the pouring of our aluminum to the rooms that are dedicated to grinding, buffing, polishing and finally shipping your new Hoselton sculpture to your front door.

We don’t take our work lightly and are committed to quality because at Hoselton, even though we’ve cast countless molds for our sculptures, each one you receive is unique because it is your first. Welcome to Hoselton Studios!


The Process

The Hoselton aesthetic begins as our artwork is brought to life. A recognizable subject is decided through a collaborative process or by request. We collect and process information in relation to the subject which may include library research, photos or a sketchbook study our pending artwork.

Inspiration is pulled from those resources to compose pre sculpture drawings used to reflect the many possible elements of future artwork. These drawings are used to decide possible composition. Many times the movements and shape in a Hoselton sculpture takes on a fluid representational form which is enhanced by other factors in the way we affectionately polish our artwork.

Our sculptures are made from recycled aluminum alloy and a sand casting process that was perfected by Founder Gord Hoselton and Allan Butters over 40 years earlier. A sand cast is taken from our original image and a two-piece mold is then designed and fabricated from molten aluminum. At a temperature of 1200 degrees °F this molten aluminum is poured into our new mold and allowed to cool.

A prolonged polishing process including multiple sanding and polishing procedures is then used to infuse our sculptures with a flowing, luminous polished finish, or a softened, silken brushed finish. The rest is history and that’s what makes us unique.